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Riding LESSONs

Pony Tales Stables provides riding tuition to suit all ages and ability. We welcome beginner, novice or advanced riders, adult or child. Our qualified Riding Instructors make learning to ride a fun challenge with the emphasis on progressive learning. Riding Lessons are available 6 days a week at Pony Tales Stables. Hourly group lessons are confined to a maximum of 6 riders to ensure that you get the most out of your riding lessons. 30 minute or hour long private lessons are also available. Riding lessons for people with special needs & challenges are also offered.


Mini Winnie's Pony Club was named after one very important pony at Pony Tales Stables. Winnie is over 20 years old and has been a part of Pony Tales Stables for many years. Mini Winnie's Pony Club consists of a junior group and a senior group. 


Our Senior Pony Club takes place on Saturday mornings from 10am-1pm. This is a group of our most advanced riders who are at least 12 years of age. The idea of this pony club is that riders prepare for their British Horse Society (BHS) exams. Riders are under no obligation to complete these exams but work every week to prepare for them so that if the time comes when they want to complete them in the future, they are ready.

Our Junior Pony Club takes place on Saturday afternoons from 1pm-4pm. This is a group of riders who are over 5 years of age. To join our junior pony club, riders must be able to partake in a group lesson (i.e. they must be off of lead-rein and must be able to walk and trot independently). These riders spend one-hour riding in a group lesson and two hours learning about horse knowledge and care, stable management and natural horsemanship.  Progress tests take place at the end of every Pony Club term to test what kids have learned and to ensure that all kids are progressing in both their riding and in their level of horse knowledge. Upon passing each level of pony club, kids receive a certificate and a rosette. There are 2 types of certificate: Progress certificates which means that progress has been made on a particular level but more time is needed before progressing to the next level and Accomplishment certificates which means that they have completed a particular level and are ready to move onto the next level. Both certificates are huge achievements but this is to ensure that nobody is out of their depth at any stage.


As members of Mini Winnie's Pony Club, kids learn about stable management, horse knowledge and care and they get an insight into the amount of responsibility involved in owning and looking after a pony as well as improving their riding week by week. All of this is done as part of a team. Members of Mini Winnie’s Pony Club receive a membership card which entitles them to a discount on Pony Tales Showjumping Days as well as a discount of 20% discount at Kellihers Feed and Agri Supplies, Ballymullen, Tralee on all items excluding feed. Along with all of this, they will make friends who are just as pony mad as themselves. At pony club kids also have the opportunity to take part in different types of competitions to win some prize's, such as colouring competitions, horse knowledge quizzes and pony-naming competitions.


We strongly recommend that parents consider signing their kids up for Pony Club as soon as they are ready because there is a lot more for kids to learn about horses than just riding. We promise to make Pony Club a fun-filled and educational experience every week, with safety as number one priority.

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